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Canada Life renews contract with RedArc

Canada Life renews contract with RedArc

Canada Life Group Insurance has renewed its contract with RedArc to provide long-term support for group critical illness claimants for another three years.

Canada Life initially appointed RedArc in 2011, during which time RedArc has helped nearly 1,500 of its customers who have been diagnosed with a serious illness. 

On average, RedArc supports around 200 Canada Life claimants at any one time and has conducted many thousands of phone calls, provided support via letter, email and arranged a diverse array of external therapies and counselling services.

RedArc provides practical and emotional support to scheme members - once a critical illness claim has been submitted – on a model where the referral is automatic (unless the individual has opted out) noting, importantly, the service is free for the employee at the point of claim. 

The support is provided for as long as is needed and RedArc nurses may refer individuals to specialist therapy or counselling if it is required – at no extra cost to the individual or insurer.

The scope of the current partnership has seen RedArc provide support for policyholders with serious illnesses (over the five-year relationship) with 65 per cent of the Canada Life cases managed by RedArc being cancer-related, 13 per cent cardiac-related, 6 per cent Multiple Sclerosis and 5 per cent stroke-related.

Paul Avis, marketing director for Canada Life, said: “We believe that much more than a cheque is needed when an individual is having a significant change in their life circumstances. 

“RedArc fulfils our ambition to be the insurer that genuinely supports those we cover, beyond the financial and contractual.”

Alan Lakey, adviser for Hertfordshire-based Highclere Financial Services, said: “Support services such as Red Arc have proven popular with consumers and advisers to the extent that some advisers use their availability as part of the selection process.

“Second medical opinion has also proved appealing and it is heartening that Canada Life is continuing to offer these valuable support services.”