Guide to Critical Illness cover

  • To understand how critical illness cover works.
  • To learn ways to discuss critical illness cover with clients.
  • To gain an understanding of how critical illness cover differs from other protection policies.
Guide to Critical Illness cover


In a world where protection is rarely sought and increasingly rarely sold by financial advisers, what can be done to improve the take-up of critical illness policies?

This guide will explore why there has been a paucity of critical illness products sold, explain how this type of policy differs from other forms of cover, ascertain whether it is too expensive and focus on ways for advisers to broach the protection conversation with clients without the client feeling they are being sold a product.

Contributors of information to this guide: Chris Atkinson, head of innovation for Zurich UK Life; Chris McNab, protection product manager for LV; Phil Jeynes, head of sales and marketing for UnderwriteMe; Peter Le Beau, founder of Le Beau Visage; the Association of British Insurers; Paul Litster, managing director of Specialists4Protection; and Alan Lakey, adviser for Highclere Financial Services and founder of the CI Expert.

In this guide

  1. How many CI policies were sold in 2015, according to ABI statistics?

  2. When does Mr Le Beau say CIC was launched?

  3. How many people go to hospital each day with a heart attack, according to the British Heart Foundation?

  4. What is the most claimed-upon cover, according to respondents to this guide?

  5. What does Mr Jeynes say should be separated from value?

  6. What is automatically included in the majority of CIC products, according to Mr McNab?

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