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Vitality plan supports cancer patients

Vitality plan supports cancer patients

When it comes to critical illness cover there has traditionally been competition over which insurer can offer the most conditions and/or the best definitions.

Vitality stood apart from others when it introduced serious illness cover, an insurance that now covers 182 conditions on their comprehensive plan, with payouts based upon severity.

Where someone does not meet the definition for a full payout, there may still be access to a partial payment from 5 per cent to 75 per cent of the sum assured.

Vitality has moved away from the crowd again and launched ‘Vitality Pink’.

This is an option available to people who take out both private medical insurance and serious illness cover with them, while they are claiming on either policy for cancer-related claims.

Through consultation with Macmillan Cancer Support, Vitality has established that those going through cancer treatment are on average £570 worse off each month.

Known as the cancer benefit booster, Vitality will pay £570 a month to people in this situation. 

It is not always easy to think about all of the financial implications that arise when you are undergoing cancer treatment.

Time off work, travel expenses to the hospital, additional childcare, support from a cleaner, at-home care assistants – the list keeps growing.

When someone is diagnosed with cancer and then goes through treatment, the last thing they should be worried about is their finances, and Vitality has taken a real step to help people when they need it most.

To further their support Vitality has also included, on top of the £570 a month allowance, payments to cover the cost of the policyholders’ monthly premiums.

This means while cancer treatment is ongoing, the policyholder does not have the additional worry of how they can keep funding their insurance policies.

This is an exceptional development that not only supports policyholders in their physical wellbeing, by enabling them to be able to afford PMI and access to their current treatment plans, but also their emotional health.

The cancer care booster from Vitality is a clear sign the insurer is truly supporting people when they are most in need.

Kathryn Knowles is managing director of Cura Financial Services