Guardian to offer neurological support to CI clients

Guardian to offer neurological support to CI clients
Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

Guardian and Krysalis have joined forces to provide a neurological occupational therapy service for critical illness cover customers. 

The partnership will see Guardian offer Krysalis' support services to its critical illness clients.

Unveiling the partnership at the Protection Review 2021 Conference, Krysalis talked about the importance of neurological support for patients and their families. 

Jo Throp, clinical director, said: "It is important that the voices of the people we work with are heard today. Our services are desperately needed. Our patients live with a range of debilitating and complex disorders."

But not every family is as lucky to have someone to help them through these difficult diagnoses and help them to function.

Throp pointed to data that showed 92 per cent of people with a neurological disorder feel affected by stigma, whether this is Parkinson's Disease, ADHD, migraine or chronic pain, for example, with very little professional support.

Duncan Mosely, chief operating officer for Guardian, said: "This isn't about a product reveal; this is hopefully about a shift in our industry to look at the impact we have on customers. 

"Life and health insurance is part of a much wider ecosystem. And we see gaps emerging in the market. The NHS is the most generous service at the point of care but society is changing and people's needs are changing.

"We see increasing stress, pollution and the impact of diseases such as Covid and it is important to support services such as Krysalis, to help individuals who need unique support."

In 2016, the Sue Ryder charity surveyed 2,000 adults about what they feared most, and 45 per cent said neurological disorders were at the top of the list. Fewer people feared cancer. They feared loss of independence and poorer quality of life. 

Throp added: "Covid-19 has brought into sharp focus what matters, and the needs of others. Our service addresses these barriers by empowering individuals ... and provides guidance to navigate a way forward."

She concluded: "Together we rise, by lifting up others".