On-Air: Post-Referendum: What do we do now?

  • What the immediate impact is
  • What are the long-term effects
  • How to invest in UK equities

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Live Blog Post-Referendum: What do we do now?


  •  Emma Ann Hughes

    Emma Ann Hughes

    Editor of FTAdviser and Financial Adviser

  • Mark Wharrier

    Mark Wharrier

    MD, BlackRock UK Income Fund

  • Darius McDermott

    Darius McDermott

    Managing director of Chelsea Financial Services

  • Michael Ben-Gadd

    Michael Ben-Gadd

    Professor of economics at City University


What have we learned

The votes have been cast and the decision has been made – so what have we learned? What fault-lines in the UK stockmarket may have been exposed by the European Union referendum?

Long-term effects

What should advisers be doing over the longer-term as a result of the EU referendum decision? Are there any foreseeable bumps in the road or are we going to have ‘business as usual’ in the UK stock market?

Beyond the headlines

There are many success stories in the UK stock market for investors, whether they are looking for growth or for income. Post EU referendum what other headwinds might investors expect, such as changes to legislation or taxation?

  1. According to Mr Wharrier, what does the UK have that needs to be financed?

  2. How much do domestic revenues account for the aggregate revenue of the FTSE 100?

  3. How much of its revenues does BAT make from overseas?

  4. How many years does Article 50 give a member state to withdraw from the EU?

  5. According to Mr Wharrier, how many pieces of tax legislation had been held up in the run-up to Brexit?

  6. Which company continues to benefit from the growth in international travel, particularly from China?

Nearly There…

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You should now know…

  • What the immediate impact is
  • What are the long-term effects
  • How to invest in UK equities

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