QuilterJul 16 2021

Quilter adds three ESG funds to Cirilium range

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Quilter adds three ESG funds to Cirilium range

Quilter has added three sustainable equity funds to its Cirilium range saying now was an “opportune time” to add to sustainable holdings.

The Jupiter Global Sustainable Equities fund, Premier Milton European Sustainable Leaders fund, and the Regnan Global Impact Equities fund have all been added to the five Cirilium portfolios.

The funds invest in companies leading the transition to a more sustainable world or target a positive impact by investing in companies that have the potential to address major social and environmental challenges.

In a statement today (July 16), portfolio managers Paul Craig and Hinesh Patel said they felt now was an “opportune time” to add to sustainable holdings following a "pull-back in growth strategies".

The pair have also added the Wells Fargo Global Climate Bond to the lower risk conservative and balanced portfolios.

Craig said while momentum was strong in the ESG area, it was important to invest in funds that deliver.

He added: “We expect all our managers to engage with their underlying portfolio companies, not just the ESG-badged ones.

"But with these funds we believe we have identified great managers that not only take these considerations seriously but have used them to great effect and produced excellent growth.

"They are a great complement to the portfolio as we continue to hunt out the funds that will provide the capital growth potential we seek to achieve for clients.

“As we saw a pull-back in growth strategies, we felt this was an excellent opportunity to add funds which provide both robust ESG credentials and are nimble enough to identify quality businesses in a challenging environment.”