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Investing in UK equities during volatile times

  • Explain impact of inflation on certain industries
  • Explain impact of cost of living crisis on investors
  • Identify steps investors can take
UK equities: weathering the storm ahead
How will the cost of living crisis impact the UK and investors?

A perfect storm of rising inflation and energy bills are hitting people hard in the pocket.

The cost of living has been increasing across the UK since early 2021 and in April 2022, inflation reached its highest recorded level

The ONS estimates that it is now higher than at any time since around 1982, affecting the affordability of goods and services for households.

Although the increase in inflation has led to the bank increasing interest rates and thereby boosting the profits of the big firms that dominate the FTSE, markets get nervous when there is prolonged uncertainty in the market.

So how will the cost of living crisis impact UK equities and its investors?

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  1. True or false, Laurence Hulse says, a rising gross domestic product (GDP) environment will also be important for any future productivity gains beyond the post-Covid trend.

  2. What does Andrew Millington cite as key drivers of UK domestic stocks?

  3. When Laurence Hulse was talking about the types of businesses which are more likely to be good for UK equity investors, which of the following is NOT mentioned?

  4. True or false, Thomas Moore, says BoE is clear that its monetary policy will not affect commodity prices or supply chain bottlenecks.

  5. Why does Matt Evans believe that UK productivity might improve?

  6. Why does Thomas Moore say that a shift from labour to capital equipment is likely to increase productivity?

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  • Explain impact of inflation on certain industries
  • Explain impact of cost of living crisis on investors
  • Identify steps investors can take

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