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Getting suitability right in 2021

Getting suitability right in 2021

Much has changed in the way suitability is assessed in recent years, and more might change in the future.

Advisers are now required to clearly segment their clients based on the outcomes they are trying to achieve.

This is on top of considering the costs and risks of an investment. And soon a client's ESG preferences may have to be factored into the suitability process.

So how can advisers make sure they are getting this right? What questions should they ask their clients and fund managers? And what are the pros and cons of different portfolio and fund options to ensure ongoing suitability?

This event will seek to answer these questions and many more.


Keith Balmer, director and product specialist at BMO Global Asset Management

Rebecca Robertson, director of Evolution Financial Planning

Dominic James Murray, chief executive of Cameron James

Simoney Kyriakou, senior editor at FTAdviser


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