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Is the 60/40 portfolio dead?

Is the 60/40 portfolio dead?

The concept of a 60/40 portfolio has long been one of the building blocks of investing, but is it fit for the future?

Increasingly elevated stocks and bond prices, as well as the correlations between the two, have called this into question.

And in post-Brexit Britain, what approach should advisers take towards exposure to different regions? Does geographic diversification even matter in a globalised world?

In this webinar we will answer these questions and more, to examine what a truly diversified portfolio should look like in a post-Covid world.


Terence Moll, head of investment strategy at Seven Investment Management

Matthew Yeates, head of alternatives and quantitative strategy at Seven Investment Management

Tracy Crookes, chartered financial planner at Quilter

Gavin Haynes, investment consultant at Fairview Investing

Dan Jones, editor-in-chief of FTAdviser


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