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ESG Masterclass

ESG Masterclass

Environmental, social and governance issues have been climbing the investment agenda for many years now, but the events of 2020 raised the profile of ESG even higher.

From the boardrooms of global giants to the individual consumer, decisions are being made that take ethics and sustainability into account.

In financial services, fund houses are launching and devising ESG funds and overlays, pension funds must incorporate ESG into their investment strategies and intermediaries are increasingly coming under similar pressures.

But are the ESG strategies being promoted good enough? Do the majority of ESG ratings actually help advisers make informed decisions?

How much of the information out there is misleading or 'greenwashing', and what metrics can be truly trusted by advisers and clients?

This event from FTAdviser seeks to cut through the noise to help advisers in their recommendations, and shine a spotlight on the various issues around sustainable, long-term investing.


Mark Manning, technical specialist for sustainable finance and stewardship at the Financial Conduct Authority

Terence Moll, head of investment strategy at Seven Investment Management

Mike Appleby, investment manager at Liontrust

Will Argent, manager of the Gravis Clean Energy Income fund

Hortense Bioy, global director of sustainability research at Morningstar

Holly Mackay, founder and chief executive of Boring Money

John Martin, chief executive of Plutus Consulting Group


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

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