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The Changing Landscape: Is the 60/40 balance fit for the future?

The Changing Landscape: Is the 60/40 balance fit for the future?

The 60/40 investment portfolio composition has historically reaped reliable returns. However, the recent decline in yields for bonds and equities has knocked the 60/40 see-saw off-balance. In amongst post-covid market chaos, should investors be looking to move away from a conventional approach and towards a new game plan? 

Whilst the steady 60/40 standard offers a traditional solution for investors, consideration must be given to the benefits of a risk-led approach. As niche asset classes and alternative investment vehicles begin to make their way to the mainstream, will a diversified portfolio structure see traditional strategies left behind?

Reasons are rife for branching out from tradition, yet stepping into a new world of risk-led investing does not come without challenges. With bond yields at record lows, how should financial advisers navigate client anxiety when breaking away from standard approach?

What does a truly diversified portfolio look like in a post-Covid world? Should portfolios also be rebalanced in the wake of Brexit and widespread globalisation? 

Hosted by FTAdviser in partnership with BlackRock, this 50-minute webinar will bring together financial advisers seeking to secure the greatest returns for their clients. This discussion will see our expert speakers weigh up the benefits of the traditional 60/40 strategy and a risk-led approach.


Heather Christie, head of UK adviser sales at BlackRock

Damian Fantato, digital editor at FTAdviser

Gavin Haynes, investment consultant at Fairview Investing

Minesh Patel, chartered financial planner at EA Financial Solutions

Laura Ripley, financial planner at Handford, Aitkenhead & Walker


Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 11am

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