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Delivering investment and tax alpha in turbulent times

Delivering investment and tax alpha in turbulent times

Over the past month, the UK economy has weathered many storms. Now, after several policy U-turns, we have welcomed our fifth prime minister in six years against the backdrop of soaring inflation, an energy crisis and stagnating economic growth. 

Already concerned investors watched as sterling tanked to record lows, the Bank of England is potentially set to raise rates to 6 per cent in 2023 and equity markets attempt to price in the unexpected. But amid all this, bond yields are rising and are looking more attractive to investors seeking income-generating strategies.

In this climate of macroeconomic turbulence and policy change, how do various investment strategies compare in providing growth or income objectives? Is there still a role for the traditional 60:40 portfolio model? What other asset classes might come to the fore as income and growth-generating strategies and how important is the effective use of the available tax wrappers?

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In this 50-minute webinar, our panel of financial experts come together to discuss various investment strategies, identifying the best approaches to tax-efficient planning, and how to optimise portfolio construction to help clients meet their goals.


Mark Lambert, head of onshore bond distrubution at HSBC Life UK

Camilla Searle, portfolio manager at HSBC Asset Management

Sandra Corkhill, chartered financial planner at Fairstone

Tony Wickenden, managing director of Technical Connection

Ima Jackson-Obot, deputy features editor of FTAdviser


Thursday, November 24 at 11am - online

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