AMI calls on brokers to respond to diversity survey

AMI calls on brokers to respond to diversity survey
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The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries has issued another call for responses to its diversity questionnaire two weeks after its first release.

The trade body, which has joined forces with Aldermore and Virgin Money, said initial responses had been encouraging, but only approximately 5 per cent of those eligible have completed the survey.

Robert Sinclair, chief executive of AMI, said: "We have had a great response to the survey. But we need more data and views.

"We are looking to understand how inclusive our industry is and whether we can do more to help firms achieve diversity of thought and an inclusive culture.

"If you think this is not about you - then you are wrong - it is about how our industry develops in its widest sense and to ensure that everyone is able to share their views, experiences and opinion."

The survey is operated by an independent research agency, all answers are anonymous and it takes 15 minutes to complete. 

It seeks to find out from brokers and mortgage professionals answers to questions, such as: what’s it like to work in the mortgage industry; can you be yourself at work; is anyone advantaged or disadvantaged because of who they are rather than how well they do their job?

You can take the survey here

Saksha Menezes is an intern with FTAdviser