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New tech partnership to improve ETF transparency

New tech partnership to improve ETF transparency
Photo by Rostislav Uzunov from Pexels

Exchange-traded fund platform ETFbook has joined forces with smart data and analytics company Big XYT to help improve transparency for investors in European ETFs.

The partnership will see ETFBook provide daily fund data across any ETF, regardless of market segment or exposure, in a standardised data feed, to Big XYT. 

This means Big XYT's Liquidity Cockpit service will be able to provide more granular information to investors and their advisers about the types and liquidity of the various exchange-traded products available.

There are more than 1,800 currently listed on the London Stock Exchange and thousands more listed on exchanges across the continent, in what market commentators have described as a "fragmented landscape".

The partnership will also provide investors with additional insights and updates about tradability across nearly every European ETF trading venue, to allow investors to get a more holistic picture on their full set of investment options.

Robin Mess, chief executive and co-founder of Big XYT, said: “Navigating these fragmented ETF markets remains a challenge for participants needing easily digestible information on available products with independent trading analysis.

"This partnership with ETFbook has enabled us to provide a unique insight into both primary and secondary market liquidity.”

His comments were echoed by those of Pawel Janus, chief executive and co-founder of ETFbook, who commented: “The ETF/ETP landscape evolves very rapidly in Europe with new products and new issuers, as well as with new asset classes such as cryptocurrencies, being launched all the time.

"Leveraging our expertise in classifying fund exposures and capturing primary activities enables Big XYT to offer a unique service and great value add to the European ETF trading community.”

Exchange-traded products have seen assets under management soar over the past couple of decades, with nearly $9trn in AUM globally as of September this year. 

According to data from Morningstar, European-domiciled ETPs, including money market funds, have taken at least $1.4trn of this total and rising, as at November 5.