Under-30 director: We have an audacious goal to 10x everything

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Under-30 director: We have an audacious goal to 10x everything
Olivia Maynard fell into the role of practice manager at TFP earlier this year. (Carmen Reichman)

She did her diploma within a year and went through an apprenticeship to become a financial adviser. But when she started her chartership, Covid hit.

So she worked as a paraplanner, then took a year out on maternity leave. When she came back she was set on working as a financial planner, but the tide quickly turned.

"My one purpose in life is to help people, like I've always believed that that's why I wanted to be a midwife," she says. "And before that I wanted to be a physio and I applied for the army, and I always wanted to help people. That was my driving force.

"And it just so happened that I fell into a job [financial planning] that I managed to see that impact first hand. And I think it was just incredible to witness."

Being practice manager allows Maynard to gear the whole business 'to where it needs to be' (Carmen Reichman)

But within three months of coming back as an assistant financial planner after maternity last August, Maynard's role changed and within months she became practice manager, director and part owner of TFP.

"It was very bizarre, I never saw it happening," she says. "We kind of had a reshuffle in the organisation. And I then started to pick up some of the board functions."

She says she'd known she was going to become part owner for a few years, it had been in the works. But she didn't realise she would enjoy the organisational role she was thrown into when the old practice manager left to the extent she did.

"I would have wanted to impact the entire firm and being in the practice manager seat kind of allowed me to do that because now I see over service and proposition and marketing and everything and I can just really help gear the company to where it needs to be to ensure that experience is felt and met by everyone," she says.

"I think [the other directors] just felt the director role suited me because of all of the stuff I've done and can do for the company and help to lead it in the direction we want to go."

Currently the firm consists of two adviser-directors, Dan Haylett and Casey Mills, Maynard as practice manager, a client service manager, two client service administrators, and a paraplanner but it is recruiting for more.

Scaling up 

TFP serves high-net-worth clients with £1mn investable assets and typically focuses on retirement advice.

It charges a fixed fee model, which means clients are charged for the service they receive, not according to their wealth, albeit charges are a hefty £500 to £900 a month.

The firm is also heavily involved in the local community, sponsors sports events and has launched a community fund to help the local community.