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'You've got to be a self-starter for a career in advice'


People from certain professions are particularly suited to advice as a second career because of their attitude and self-starter mentality, says Julian Hince.

The head of the Quilter Financial Adviser School says people from the military and sports backgrounds tend to become successful advisers because they already have some life experience that is "invaluable in the world of advice".

What's more, they "often bring a mindset which is about wanting to excel, being very focused and determined and being a self-starter. Because within this profession it's still very much about... building your own business, so you've got to be a self starter", he adds.

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For Hince, there are still a number of things that need to be done to get more people into the industry, such as making financial planning a viable profession in the eyes of school leavers and investing in individuals' journeys.

"There are a lot of options for people to get into financial planning but it's still quite difficult in that often we ask them to fund themselves, be self-employed," he says.

"Most academies will cover the cost of the qualifications but there's a dilemma between the need for advisers now and creating a longer-term career path and the investment that that requires."

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