InvestmentsJan 13 2023

MPs push for 'open playing field' in property funds

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MPs push for 'open playing field' in property funds
Hollie Adams/Bloomberg

Griffith said Baron was “not the first” to make the point that there is potential for investment trusts as a vehicle for this investment. 

“One always aspires to a level playing field, I am learning rapidly that these things are never quite as simple as we seek but I understand the point,” he said. 

Crypto assets

Griffith said the government still wants the UK to be the home for a “well regulated technologically advanced financial system”, and the technology behind cryptoassets will be included in this. 

“Clearly recent events [the collapse of FTX] have highlighted vulnerabilities and educated people about some of those practices that were taking place,” he said, adding that he thinks regulators have done a good job in communicating the risks around crypto.

Griffith said the government will soon establish a regime for stablecoin as a form of payment, as well as a consultation regarding the regulation of cryptoassets.

“[We want to] ensure consumers have right information by legislating for financial promotions of crypto assets.”