Product review: Lombard Risk Management's AgileCOLLATERAL

Product review: Lombard Risk Management's AgileCOLLATERAL

Lombard Risk Management has created a cloud-based collateral management system for those working in the financial services industry. 

Aimed at buy-side firms – asset managers, pension funds, buy-side brokers, corporates and investment firms – the product, AgileCOLLATERAL, is a streamlined version of Lombard’s web-based COLLINE product, and it removes the need for installation and other costs commonly associated with similar collateral management systems. 

Described as an alternative to manual input systems, AgileCOLLATERAL is modular, meaning users can choose to employ as little or as many of the optimisation, its Calcs tool, connect, dashboard and inventory manager options on offer. 

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Intended to accommodate smaller as well as larger buy-sides, the intuitive “collateral-in-a-box” solution is subscription-based, and increases efficiency through user-friendly workflows tools,  which enable the automation of routine processes, and views of a combination of asset records through its dashboard. 

Through the provision of features such as automated validation checks, collateral sourcing and pre-trade margin analytics through its Calcs tool, the product also removes some of the risk that comes with other manual systems and it can be set up in a day.


Developed in response to market needs, this product sounds like an accessible and genuinely useful means of tackling the more impracticable aspects of collateral management. 

One of the most attractive features of the product is that it offers a number of time-saving solutions for clients which, as the firm claims, could see a reduction in the need for training as the result of its intuitive interface and programming. Buy-side firms used to traditional means of inputting data may also find the product’s automated features more useful by way of added security.

New regulatory requirements expected to come into play in March 2017 have also been taken into account where AgileCOLLATERAL is concerned, as it provides tools for effectively handling fixed cost increases, managing headcount and generally complementing most of the complexities that will ensue once new regulation is implemented. 

The cloud service also offers “direct connections” to electronic messaging platforms, which makes communication over the Lombard Risk product, much easier. 

On paper, this seems like a one-size-fits-all solution, but whether or not it will be regarded as such as more clients opt for the service remains to be seen.