Investing in Passives - September 2016

  • What the passive investing landscape has to offer
  • The rise of alternative ETFs
  • How the fees debate is evolving
Investing in Passives - September 2016


As macroeconomic events continue to create volatility in markets, passive investment approaches are proving more popular. What are the different options for investors and are passive strategies delivering what they promise? 

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  1. Fixed income ETFs gathered what level of inflows for the year to date to the end of July according to ETFGI?

  2. Since the early 1970s, world trade has increased from roughly a quarter of GDP to more than what level of GDP today, according to the World Bank?

  3. In the debate on fees, which of these is NOT something investors should be too focused on?

  4. Figures from the Investment Association show tracker funds had accumulated what level of funds under management by the end of July 2016?

  5. Alternative ETFs are becoming more popular, with UBS noting assets in its suite of MSCI SRI ETFs had increased to what level?

  6. How many ETFs/ETPs were available globally at the end of July 2016, according to ETFGI?

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  • What the passive investing landscape has to offer
  • The rise of alternative ETFs
  • How the fees debate is evolving

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