Investing in Japan - October 2016

  • The effectiveness of 'Abenomics' on Japanese growth and inflation
  • The Bank of Japan's monetary easing measures
  • The performance of Japanese equities and the drivers behind it
Investing in Japan - October 2016


Almost four years on from Shinzo Abe's re-election as prime minister of Japan in December 2012 the country has seen renewed and determined efforts to break free of deflation and boost economic growth. But how effective has it been, and what does it mean for investors?

In this guide

  1. The IA Japanese Smaller Companies sector has seen retail flows seesaw in the past 12 months, but what was it's highest monthly level of net retail inflows?

  2. In the period between Mr Abe being elected on December 26 2012 and September 21 2016, the MSCI Japan index gained how much in sterling terms?

  3. Japan's household sector’s financial net worth stood at what percentage of GDP, one of the highest levels globally?

  4. In the summer Japan implemented another round of stimulus with a ¥28trn (£215bn) package. How much of this in yen is direct spending, notably on infrastructure?

  5. Japanese equities are approximately how much cheaper than eurozone equities, according to Patrick Moonen from NN Investment Partners?

  6. In September the BoJ announced it's latest measure, "yield curve control" where 10 year government bond yields would be kept at around what level?

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