Guide to saving for children

  • Learn about the cost of raising a child
  • Understand the different sorts of investment products
  • Gain an understanding of the need for protection
Guide to saving for children


A new school year has started and older children are off to college and university. With the cost of education rising every year, parents and guardians are needing more help than ever.

And the cost of raising a child - and supporting them into their young adulthood is higher than ever before, according to research.

So how do you help your clients to not only meet these expenses but also encourage their children to understand the basic principles of money management?

By reading this guide, you will understand how much the cost of raising a child has grown, learn about various ways to meet these costs through different types of savings product, discover ways to help clients educate their children about their finances and learn more about why income protection policies are so important.

Contributors of content to this guide: Jason Hollands, managing director of communications for Tilney Bestinvest; Tim Healy, executive director and education sector expert for Quilter Cheviot; Rob McMurrich, head of investment and pensions at Roxburgh Financial Management; Emma Thomson, head of customer care at LifeSearch; Alistair McQueen, senior policy manager of pensions and investments for Aviva; Helen McCormick, adviser for Beaufort Asset Management; Karen Clark, tax adviser at RSMUK; Alan Lakey, adviser for Highclere Financial Services; Robin Baker, adviser for Eden School Fees Planning; Ian Naismith, retirement expert, and Johnny Timpson, protection expert, for Scottish Widows; Charlotte Nelson, press officer for Moneyfacts; and Annabel Brodie-Smith, director of communications for the Association of Investment Companies.

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  1. The Cost of a Child report from LV= puts the latest cost of raising a child at what level?

  2. According to Mr McQueen, how can parents mitigate some of this cost?

  3. Parents underestimate the total cost of putting a child through university but what is the figure they think will be on the bill, says Ms Brodie-Smith?

  4. What is the annual limit on a Junior Isa?

  5. What might parents with trading companies be able to do, according to Ms Clark?

  6. Ms Thomson says a good place to start a conversation about protection is by discussing what?

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  • Learn about the cost of raising a child
  • Understand the different sorts of investment products
  • Gain an understanding of the need for protection

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