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AIC unveils seminars to help with high VCT demand

AIC unveils seminars to help with high VCT demand

The Association of Investment Companies is running training sessions to boost advisers’ knowledge of venture capital trusts, following the uptake of interest in light of the new pension rules.

Advisers will be given guidance on how to research and analyse VCTs, as well as how managers balance risk and reward in portfolios.

They will also be able to learn about developments in the sector.

There has been a bounce of interest in VCTs since the government decided to impose restrictions on the lifetime and annual allowance, as wealthy individuals look for a way to avoid incurring a hefty tax bill.

Nick Britton, head of training at the AIC, said: “We have noticed increasing interest in VCTs among advisers and wealth managers as the rules over pension contributions and the lifetime limit have tightened. 

“Many mature VCTs offer substantial tax-free dividends and this is seen as a key attraction, as well as the feel-good factor some clients experience through supporting young, ambitious UK companies.”

He said the seminars will include a refresher on VCT basics, such as the tax reliefs and rules, but will also take a much more in-depth look at the investment opportunities that can be accessed through VCTs.

Advisers will also be given pointers on how to choose between the various offers which are becoming available during this tax year.

Led by Mr Britton, a number of guests will be speaking during the sessions, including Octopus Investment’s Andrew Buchanan.

The three sessions will be held in Birmingham, Guildford and Leeds in January and February next year.