Fixed Income June 2017  

Earn 3.5 hours of CPD on fixed income

Earn 3.5 hours of CPD on fixed income

Fixed income investors have been searching for that sweet spot between a good yield and moderate risk.

But with the threats of rising inflation, poor liquidity in fixed income markets, higher default rates and doggedly low government bond yields, where can investors find a steady source of income?

FTAdviser has researched the fixed income market to bring you 3.5 hours' worth of structured CPD on the subject.

The course, sponsored by Axa Investment Managers and only available here on FTAdviser, will explore myriad topics affecting fixed income investors today.

These include: how to construct a portfolio for yield; where to find yield globally; how to soften the bond liquidity crunch; and how to gauge the effect of interventionist monetary policy on fixed income yields.

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