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Charlemagne launches new emerging markets fund

Charlemagne launches new emerging markets fund

Investment manager Charlemagne Capital has released its new Magna Emerging Markets fund.

The Ucits-compliant fund is available to European and North American clients.

It comprises a bottom-up stock-picking approach, centering on high quality companies with leading positions in their respective fields.

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The fund has returned 20.7 per cent year-to-date to 31 May and the strategy is estimated to outperform the benchmark index by 3.7 per cent on an annualised basis. 

Julian Mayo, senior vice-president and investment strategist at Charlemagne Capital UK, said: “This is a step forward for Charlemagne’s expansion under Fiera Capital’s ownership.

"With this launch, we are making our market-outperforming core strategy available to a much broader group of investors, through a mutual fund structure, across a wider number of geographies.

“Investors, including family offices and discretionary managers, will now be able to benefit from a strategy that has performed incredibly well for institutions over the last five years.

"This comes as the outlook for emerging markets has considerably improved and investors are now looking to capitalise on its long-term recovery trend.”

Steve Tait, director at Midas Independent Financial Planning, said: “The difficult with any of these types of launches is the fact that people invariably compare the new offering with those already on the market.

"Clients need to make a leap of faith, and they only have a limited degree of information to go on. That said, companies with a good track record are always going to shine."