First class service – the essence of our investment philosophy

How have these funds performed?

Over the last year 75 per cent of assets in our multi-asset funds exceeded their benchmark. Over the last decade our Pension Portfolios 1, 2, 3 and 4 have increased in value by over 100 per cent.  

Do you have any plans in the pipeline?

We do have some exciting plans, but it’s first worth explaining that our core pension defaults have been in place since 2006 and they have a 10- year track record at a time when other providers have made changes to their offering. More recently, we added the Premier range and many of our pension investors, have switched to Premier after seeing the value it can generate. In terms of the pipeline, we want to offer greater choice for clients who remain invested beyond retirement. To this end we are planning a launch of variants of our core and Premier Portfolios for the increasing number of investors in this position. 

How do you see the investment horizon evolving?

We believe our multi-asset investment approach is one of the most innovative – and successful – in the pensions market. Our Asset Allocation team focusses on making decisions that drive value. We are constantly looking for new approaches to investing – recognising the shift in demand towards the lower cost tracker funds passives while embracing the demand to deliver performance. This has led us to look at new and better ways to deliver investment of key asset classes, such as Smart Beta strategies. Our approach is to recognise customer needs and meet these through innovative investment approaches.

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Iain McGowan is head of investment proposition, Scottish Widows. Iain joined Scottish Widows in 1999 and has over 20 years of industry experience. He has previously held leadership roles in distribution and proposition management. Iain is a member of Scottish Widows’ Independent Governance Committee, which has responsibility for oversight of the scheme members’ interests. Iain is also Chairman of our Luxemburg SICAV and a Director of various property investment vehicles.

Sources: Scottish Widows