Are investors any closer to understanding fund fees?

  • Learn about the various charges for advisers and asset managers
  • Be able to describe how these charges work
  • Gain an understanding of how regulation is likely to shape the future of the industry
Are investors any closer to understanding fund fees?

Finding out just what savers are paying for funds is an age-old problem in the investment world, and the path to increased transparency has proved an arduous one.

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  1. What idea was vocally supported by former IA chief executive Daniel Godfrey?

  2. According to Mr Morgan, why are trackers cheaper?

  3. Newfound disclosure requirements could hurt what type of firms, suggests Mr Fawcett?

  4. According to Ms Miller, an FCA study found just 3 per cent of investors read which document?

  5. Mr Fawcett states that we are beginning to see indicators that consumers are expressing more interest in doing what?

  6. According to Mr Bentley, investors just want to know how much better they have done compared to if they had left their money in what?

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