Property funds one year on: How the sector has recovered

  • Be able to describe the differences between open-ended and closed-ended vehicles
  • Gain an understanding of property fund and trust performance
  • Learn the challenges faced by property fund and trust managers
Property funds one year on: How the sector has recovered

Property fund investors have experienced a rollercoaster ride over the past 15 years. Initially buoyed by years of storming growth at the start of the millennium, the situation turned sour in 2008 as the global financial crisis derailed that progress.

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  1. Even open-ended portfolios holding what percentage of cash were forced to suspend trading last summer?

  2. Which nation has been particularly lucrative for property investors since the 2008 crash?

  3. According to the article, panic-selling any asset class heightens the risk of what?

  4. The article states that investment trusts hold what advantage over unit trusts?

  5. The majority of funds and trusts analysed have a clear preference for properties from which nation?

  6. The FCA's review of property funds saw the regulator state that fund firms should be what?

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