Alternative Investment 

Investing in alternative assets

  • Learn about the range of alternative asset options available to fund buyers
  • Understand how illqiuidity is not the only factor when assessing specialist debt markets
  • Grasp how to assess investment trusts when seeking access to illiquid assets
Investing in alternative assets


Across institutional and retail investment mandates, the concept of using just bonds and equities to construct a diversified portfolio is on the way out.

But how do advisers and investors approach this shifting trend, overhauling the foundations of multi-asset investing from a bygone age? Which assets can provide yield, growth and diversification?

Growth is often synonymous with equity - but can more private and illiquid forms of company investing help a multi-asset portfolio? And can newer forms of fixed income investing offer the right diversification from equity markets that government bonds once used to?

And in all this - what is the best way to access these strategies? Should illiquidity be embraced by retail investors as long as the vehicle itself is suitable?

In this special report

  1. What are the drawbacks of copying benchmarks to access alternative assets?

  2. What does BlackRock's Richard Turnhill suggest investors are not getting from alternative assets?

  3. How should an allocation to alternatives and private equity be built up, according to Jonathan Bell?

  4. Which of these is not included in Andrew Jackson's credit matrix?

  5. What does ABS exhibit a "spectrum" of, according to Andrew Jackson?

  6. What was noteworthy about the level of issuance from ITs, according to Ian Sayers?

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