Investing in multi asset strategies

  • Understand how the demand for multi-asset funds in changing among fund buyers
  • Learn about the best ways to approach multi-asset fund selection
  • Grasp how the macro environment is affecting multi-asset investors and how bonds can play a role
Investing in multi asset strategies


The way fund buyers use multi-asset funds is changing.

While the funds have often been thought of as core, or even defensive, holdings, more and more advisers are turning towards using them as holistic solutions.

At the same time, the concept of multi-asset investing - whether in one fund or via multiple - is becoming increasingly difficult. Markets no longer offer the returns, yield nor diversification they once did.

So how do multi-asset investors find the right solutions for them?

How can they find the right diversification in an environment where fixed income downside risk is as high as that associated with equities?

And in the current macro environment, where should multi-asset investors be looking for opportunities?

In this special report

  1. Why does Aegon's Nick Dixon suggest advisers might be increasing allocations to multi-asset funds?

  2. How should prospective fund buyers research volatility-managed vehicles, according to Paul Ilott?

  3. Which of these is not a 'soft' factor suggested by Mr Ilott as also being important?

  4. When are bond/equity correlations at their lowest, according to Antti Ilmanen?

  5. Timothy Willis states risk diversification can only be achieved through high-quality bonds, but how can return diversification be found?

  6. Where has Vincent McEntegart found returns in fixed income?

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