Seven Investment Management launch trio of funds

Seven Investment Management launch trio of funds

Seven Investment Management has launched three new passive risk-weighted funds.

Chris Derbyshire, chief investment officer at the firm, will be lead manager on the funds.

The 7IM Dynamic Planner Portfolio funds will follow the asset allocation provided by Distribution Technology, through exposure to a range of asset classes which may include equities, government and corporate bonds, index linked gilts, cash and near cash, real estate and certificates of deposit, via exposure to futures and to funds.

The three funds are called 7IM Dynamic Planner Portfolio 4, 7IM Dynamic Planner Portfolio five and Seven IM Dynamic Planner Portfolio six.

The ongoing fund charge is 0.29 per cent.

Tom Sheridan, chief executive at Seven Investment Management, said: “This launch will offer advisers and their clients the combined expertise of 7IM and Distribution Technology, at low cost, using rigorous risk management to the Dynamic Planner risk profiles. 

"Distribution Technology is a good fit with us, with a risk management approach which complements our own, and with a tried and tested asset allocation model, advice technology process and fund research that has earned them an enviable following among over 7,000 advisers.”

Patrick Connolly, chartered financial planner at Chase De Vere, said: “We are seeing an increasing number of risk targeted funds being launched.

"These are useful products for advisers who don’t have their own investment research capabilities and, with this low cost passive option from 7IM, these advisers and their clients shouldn’t go too far wrong.”