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  • Richard Lightbound

    Richard Lightbound

    Richard Lightbound, managing partner & CEO for EMEA, Robo Global

  • Howie Li

    Howie Li

    Chief executive for Canvas, at ETF Securities

  • Helal Miah

    Helal Miah

    Investment research analyst for The Share Centre

  •  Emma Ann Hughes

    Emma Ann Hughes

    Editor of FTAdviser and Financial Adviser


Technology is moving at a frenetic pace. Robo-advice, crypto currency, data protection and myriad fintech developments are hitting the headlines every day.

But how can investors make the most of the best tech developments, without simply buying into a trend?

Moreover, for those advisers whose clients are reticent about tech investment after the 2000-2003 tech bubble, what sort of prospects are there for making good returns without taking on excessive risks?

To answer these questions, FTAdviser has teamed up with ETF Securities to bring a panel of experts who have an in-depth understanding of how investors can benefit from disruptive technology.

Bookmark this page and join us live at 12pm on Tuesday 26 September. 

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Howie Li, chief executive for Canvas at ETF Securities.

Richard Lightbound, managing partner and chief executive of Europe, Middle East and Africa, for Robo Global.

Helal Miah, investment research analyst for The Share Centre. 

Emma Ann Hughes - Editor of FTAdviser and Financial Adviser. 


How disruptive is 'disruptive technology'?
The growth of so-called disruptive technology has been well-documented, but how can people invest in such developments? What makes now a good time to invest, and how confident can advisers be that things such as automation and robotics are long-term mega-trends, rather than fads? 

Robotics and automation:
We have heard much about robo-advice and the use of automation in financial services. But where are we in this megatrend’s growth cycle? What is the growth potential of robotics and automation across a wide variety of subsectors, and how can automation and artificial intelligence fuel productivity levels, especially in financial services? 

Cyber security:
Legislation in the UK, US and Europe are making it clear that tackling cyber-security is imperative. Data protection is paramount. But how much growth is there in the cyber-security industry? Can investors access this technological mega-trend and is there a long-term investment story to be told?