Funds set to give investors a Budget boost

The trust has a holding in Seeing Machines, which makes intelligent sensory algorithms that help machines to understand people. 

It is being used to monitor drivers and increase safety, as well as the move towards driverless cars because it helps the machine to make instant decisions based on what is happening inside and outside the car.

Smith & Williamson Artificial Intelligence was the final fund identified by both Architas' Mr Lowcock and Chelsea's Mr Yardley as benefitting from the Autumn Budget.

This fund was launched relatively recently, hoping to tap into the opportunities created by the development of artificial intelligence. 

It holds overseas stock Nvidia, a company which has a background in gaming and has since moved into automotives as a new business area. 

It is currently one of the most strategically important component companies in the AI world.

Danny Cox, head of financial planning at Hargreaves Lansdown, said it is unlikely the Budget will have sufficient impact on diverse funds either positively or negatively as much of the news has already been priced in.

But when asked what funds he reckoned could benefit, Mr Cox agreed with Mr Yardley and Mr Lowcock that the Smith and Williamson fund was an interesting idea and technology funds generally should, in theory, be well placed to benefit.

But he said this type of fund is niche and investors would be better with a more diversified approach with tried and tested managers with smaller company funds such as Standard Life UK Smaller Companies.