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  • Darius McDermott

    Darius McDermott

    Managing director of Chelsea Financial Services

  • Cyrique Bourbon

    Cyrique Bourbon

    Senior portfolio manager for Morningstar

  •  Emma Ann Hughes

    Emma Ann Hughes

    Editor of FTAdviser and Financial Adviser

  • Andrew Swan

    Andrew Swan

    Head of Asian fundamental equities at BlackRock


Emerging market investment has lured investors over the past decade for its higher yield on bonds and good growth prospects for equities. 

One only has to look at the fortunes of certain Asian corporates, such as Samsung Electronic, to understand why some UK investors have been shifting focus from their domestic market towards Asia.

But what should UK investors know about the ongoing prospects for Asia, especially given the growing uncertainty over North Korea, and the recent slowing down of growth in China?

FTAdviser Advantage, in association with BlackRock, has put together a panel of experts to discuss these issues and more.

Join us at 12 noon on Tuesday 30th January to hear what the future may hold for those investing in Asia and those wanting to commit more money to the region.

You can email questions to our panel in advance to simoney.kyriakou@ft.com or engage with us on the day, through Twitter to @FTAdviser using the #FTAonAir hashtag, or filling out the fields in the comments box on this page, which you can bookmark here.