Why green tech is disrupting the investment market


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Live Blog How green tech is driving investments


  • Michael Clover

    Michael Clover

    Business development manager for Transport Intelligence

  • Howie Li

    Howie Li

    Chief executive for Canvas, at ETF Securities

  • John Ditchfield

    John Ditchfield

    Partner at Castlefield Advisory Partners


Investments in clean infrastructure, smart technology and robotics are gaining traction as the growth of these disruptive sectors is driving change.

Against a backdrop of legal challenges against generators of dirty air caused by diesel cars, the growth of Chinese manufacturing of electronic vehicles (EVs) and the development of technology, investors looking to benefit from clean energy have more ways to invest than ever before.

But how much can investors really benefit from the clean energy revolution? Is it a trend or a fad, a real long-term investment proposition or a fashionable values-based investment theme?

To help address these questions, and to find out whether your clients could benefit from the new wave of disruption, FTAdviser and ETF Securities has brought together a panel of specialists across the fields of financial advice and asset management to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing investors.


The rise of disruptive technology

How disruptive is disruptive technology? What have been the trends so far in changing the way we work (ie cloud-based computing, car pooling, technology replacing paper). Can investors actually benefit by investing in disruptive technology and how can they make sure that what they're putting their money into today will be around when they take their pension tomorrow?

Clean sectors to watch out for

Investors may be wary about putting their money into start-ups, but if they'd put their money into Apple 30 years ago, they would have made a significant return. So which clean technology disruptors today will be the winners of tomorrow? For example, how will infrastructure benefit from the creation of smart roads and clean operational infrastructure? Will utilities be able to commit to clean energy output that will see them continue to thrive and pay good dividends? Moreover, how can advisers help their clients access such investments without putting all their money into index funds that are heavily skewed towards one sector?

Who will be the global leader?

Which country will be the one to watch in terms of green energy creation? With China's exponential rise in the creation of Lithium batteries and EV technology, and governments under pressure to promote clean energy and green technology over the next 20 and 30 years, which countries will be stand-out winners for investors with a long-term mindset?

Join us!

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