Zurich launches online investment service

Zurich launches online investment service

Zurich International Life has launched a new digital service to help advisers and investors manage their investments online.

The new the Online Portfolio Management facility gives users the ability to digitally rebalance their investments.

Reena Vivek, chief operating officer at Zurich International Life, said: "We want to help our customers better understand the importance of rebalancing their investment allocation and fund holdings.

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"With the Online Portfolio Management facility, they are empowered to have better-informed discussions with their financial advisers and manage their investments online with ease, helping them to achieve their life goals and aspirations.

"With this new functionality, customers can keep up-to-date with their investments and be empowered to actively manage where their money is being invested to ensure their investments are on track."

Ms Vivek said rebalancing can help investors consolidate gains over short periods of time, manage volatility and investment risk by keeping a check on their asset allocation.

Zurich said the service has been designed in response to customer demand for a new level of transparency, agility and digital capability.

The new service can be used on a smartphone or tablet.

Gemma Siddle, chartered financial planner and director of client services for Newton Aycliffe-based Eldon Financial Planning, said: "In the normal progress of things it is natural that investors like easily understood and easy-to-use options on their investments.

"The principle of rebalancing is a sound one when used correctly. However, there can often be underlying costs incurred by rebalancing and it’s important that anyone using this function is aware of the impact of this cost - so that the tool isn’t unnecessarily overused."