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Deepbridge deploys EIS cash in tech and life sciences

Deepbridge deploys EIS cash in tech and life sciences

Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) investor Deepbridge has invested the cash it raised in the last tax year into 46 companies investing in the areas of technology and life sciences.

Under changes announced in the chancellor's Autumn Budget, managers are no longer encouraged to invest in companies that are deemed to be about capital preservation.

The government's view is that such low risk investments should not receive the tax advantages associated with EIS investments as the investments are not suitably providing risk capital.

Deepbridge's investments in 46 companies includes holdings in Arbnco – a provider of commercial and portfolio real estate energy efficient report and risk mitigation solutions; VTime Holdings Ltd – creators of cutting-edge virtual reality software; and Zilico Ltd – developers of a patented cancer diagnostic device technology that will improve and extend current cancer screening programmes.

Ian Warwick, managing partner at Deepbridge, said: "In a sense there has been no change to the way Deepbridge approaches our investments whilst other EIS providers have found a large degree of turbulence to their investment approach.  

"As the tech and life sciences specialists, our ethos and objectives remain consistent with no change to our approach, due diligence or management.

"Our two main sectors – technology and life sciences – continue to evolve at a blistering pace and it is testament to the expertise and the hard work of the staff within both Deepbridge, and our investee companies, that we have such a strong roster of investments opportunities, with the potential for excellent growth in many areas."