BlackRock expands multi-asset income range

BlackRock expands multi-asset income range

BlackRock has expanded its multi-assets income range with the launch of a Global Conservative Income fund.

The fund, managed by Michael Fredericks, Justin Christofel and Alex Shingler, is aimed at cautious investors seeking an alternative to low-yielding investments.

BlackRock said the portfolio is managed to maintain risk at a level equal to or lower than its 70 per cent bonds and 30 percent equities risk.

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The fund seeks to deliver a steady, reliable income "through multiple market environments" while keeping risk management at the centre of the process.

Michael Fredericks, lead portfolio manager of the BGF Global Conservative Income fund, said: "The balance between risk and reward in today’s investment landscape has left investors in a challenging position.

"Low rates have investors starved for income, yet market uncertainty makes it hard to take on risk. The BlackRock Global Conservative Income Fund seeks to solve this problem by aiming to offer consistent income while closely managing risk."

The fund brings diversification to investors and allows the managers to adapt the portfolio to meet the funds yield targets, the firm added.

Patrick Connolly, a chartered financial planner at Chase de Vere, said: "It makes sense for BlackRock to expand their product range to ensure that they can cater for the needs of different investors. This fund may strike a chord in that many people are looking for a steady income while effectively managing risks.

"However, there are already many products on the market and so the big challenge for BlackRock will be how they are going to get this fund to stand out from the crowd."

Katie Hurley is an intern with FTAdviser