Willis Owen adds starter portfolios to platform

Willis Owen adds starter portfolios to platform

Investment platform Willis Owen has added Morningstar research plus a range of seven 'starter' portfolios for novice investors at no additional fee.

Adrian Lowcock, head of personal investments at Willis Owen, said the business made the enhancements as in the past investors have been put off investing from bad experiences being encouraged to invest in the fad of the moment and getting their fingers burnt when an investment turns sour.

Mr Lowcock said: "These starter portfolios are designed to make that initial step into investing easier and less volatile.

"They are suitable for investors who would like to make investment decisions themselves but just want a little help to get started. 

"The integration of Morningstar into our fund and equity pages is part of our long-term commitment to helping investors take control of their financial futures.

"As a result of the integration, Willis Owen investors can now access a deeper pool of insight and make confident, better informed investment decisions with just a few simple clicks."

The starter portfolios include three active, three passive and one income portfolio.

The active and passive portfolios are split into cautious, moderate and adventurous risk bracket.

Novice investors using the starter portfolios will gain access to Willis Owen's platform and as well as receive educational support.

The funds within the starter portfolios have been selected by Willis Owen’' research team using Morningstar analytics and have been selected primarily for their long-term performance potential and with an eye on costs, especially in the passive range.

The Morningstar research tools and reports will be available to existing clients.

Investors can also use the research tools to assess the styles of funds, to determine whether they aim for growth or value, their sensitivity to interest rate movements plus sector and geographical exposures.

Those who want environmentally-friendly portfolios can check the sustainability ratings of the funds they hold.

Investors can also drill down to individual stocks, assessing whether their prices offer fair value based on their long-term intrinsic values.

Martin Bamford, chartered financial planner and managing director for Surrey-based Informed Choice, said: "Direct investors often need help getting started, so the ability to choose from a range of ready-made portfolios will be appealing.

"The combination of these starter portfolios and educational support should encourage more first-time investors onto the platform, who over time will become more confident and in a stronger position to select their own funds within portfolios.

"Morningstar is a very smart choice for Willis Owen, as they have formidable portfolio construction and management expertise."