Beckham's ex brother-in-law on involvement in scam

Beckham's ex brother-in-law on involvement in scam

David Beckham's former brother-in-law’s lawyer has entered a plea of mitigation as he faces jail for using his links to the football superstar to fleece investors out of nearly £1m.

Darren Flood, who was married to Victoria Beckham's sister Louise Adams, was involved in a boiler room scam which tricked pensioners into making 'worthless' investments.

Flood was a director of The Commodities Link which focused on 'high net worth clients' and discussed potential targets including former Chelsea footballer Joe Cole's father.

Staff 'made great play on Flood being Mr Beckham's brother-in-law to win the trust of investors, Kingston Crown Court heard.

Joanna Hardy, defending Darren Flood, has said he was exposed to scrutiny because of his marriage to Victoria Beckham's sister.

She said his case earned greater publicity because of his now defunct marriage to Louise Adams.

Ms Hardy said he only worked for nine-and-a-half months at TCL when £200,000 of the £800,000 was made.

She claimed his role was not a 'leading' one but accepted it was 'significant.'

She claimed Flood asked employees not to promote his connection to the Beckham family and even required them to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Judge Michael Carroll heard Flood never spoke to a victim personally, had other legitimate business interests, and was only paid a few thousand pounds from the enterprise.

Prior to this trial he had no convictions and was of good character, the court heard.

Ms Hardy said: "He happened to fall in love with a lady who happened to be the sister of someone who happened to be a famous popstar.

"He is a 40-year-old man who has not been convicted of any offence before or crucially since. Mr Flood has worked all of his life. Since leaving school he worked his way from the bottom upwards.

"Mr Flood’s best mitigation is this - he is a father of an eight-year-old little girl. Mr Flood's ex-wife shares care and responsibility for the eight-year-old."

Mrs Adams described Flood as a 'wonderful father', who was a figure of stability for their daughter.