Heartwood launches reporting solution for advisers

Heartwood launches reporting solution for advisers

Heartwood Investment Management has launched a reporting solution for private clients and advisers that bosses claim "sets a new benchmark for the industry."

Heartwood's reporting tool now integrates detailed daily data updates with commentary on strategy positioning, performance and trades. 

The service from the asset management arm of Handelsbanken in the UK includes a range of tools such as a full online client centre, a 'mobile friendly' client centre and customisable reports to support adviser meetings with clients. 

Noland Carter, head of Heartwood Investment Management, said: "Our clients' digital expectations have been transformed over the past few years, but our industry continues to focus on quarter end reporting.

"With this reporting capability we wanted to meet client requirements for relevant daily data on their portfolios – combined with up-to-date, relevant commentary on markets, portfolio positioning and trading."

"Recent market turbulence provides a great example of when clients want relevant information – without having to wait for an end-of-quarter report.

"And the reporting we have built provides key charts and data (as many online portals do), but also an up-to-date explanation of what is happening in markets, and what we are doing as investment managers."