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Hawksmoor expands Model Portfolio Service

Hawksmoor expands Model Portfolio Service

Hawksmoor has expanded its range of model portfolios and also cut fees.

The investment management firm has expanded its range, to now offer 12 portfolios.

The firm previously offered seven portfolios.

The portfolios are grouped into three categories, core, higher income, and sustainable investment.

Those three categories are then offered across four different risk levels, to make a total of 12 different portfolios.

Ian Wooley, senior investment analyst at Hawksmoor, said the firm has seen a “very significant increase” in demand for sustainable investment products.

He said one of the aims of the expanded service is to provide greater clarity around the “naming” of investment products.

Mr Wooley said: “It is something the FCA have highlighted, that in balanced or moderate risk portfolios, the allocation to equities varies widely, from as little as 5 per cent to as much as 60 per cent, and that can’t be giving much clarity to a client.

"So all of our portfolios have the equity weighting mentioned specifically in the name."

He said the process for selecting funds will not change, and that the investment managers spend 500 hours a year in fund manager meetings to aid the fund selection process.

The fee on all of the managed portfolios has been cut to 0.25 per cent, from the previous 0.30 per cent.

Jim Wood-Smith, chief investment officer for private clients at Hawksmoor said: "We are proud to be able to bring our new range of Model Portfolios to the adviser market, building on Hawksmoor’s disciplined processes and outstanding track record.

"We have listened to what advisers have told us they need and to all the latest regulatory guidance. Times change and we must change with them.

"Advisers and clients can be confident that our portfolios set new standards for both risks and objectives. They will do what they say on the tin and our range of 12 portfolio options means there is a portfolio for every client."

Paul Stocks, financial services director at Dobson and Hodge in Doncaster, said Hawksmoor's cost appeared reasonable.

He said: "The 'all-in' cost would be what we would be looking at along with whether there is a minimum investment amount required to access them."