Investors pulled £75m a week from UK equity funds

Data from AJ Bell out yesterday showed investors pulled £875m from equity funds in December, with all of the IA sectors showing outflows.

Laura Suter, personal finance analyst at AJ Bell said: "Every major equity market saw outflows, with investors withdrawing £445m from European-focused funds, £259m from North American funds and £110m from Emerging Market funds.

"Fixed income funds weren’t immune from the outflows either, with a net of £619m pulled from the sector in December, with UK corporate bond and high yield funds accounting for £505m of the outflows alone.

"Property funds saw their biggest single month of outflows since August 2017, with investors taking £228m out of direct UK property funds in December.

"The memories of the property fund shutdowns amid mass outflows just after the Brexit referendum are still fresh in investors’ minds, and the outflows have already sparked worries about just how liquid some property funds are."