UK funds to recommend as Brexit beckons

Managed by the same team that is behind Liontrust Special Situations this fund employs the same investment strategy but with the UK's smallest companies.

The managers focus on firms with strong positions within their industries and Mr McDermott said they have a great track record.

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He said: "We have a lot of small exciting businesses that should continue to grow even in difficult economic environments."

Both Tilney's Mr Hollands and Adrian Lowcock, head of personal investments at Willis Owen, flagged Lindsell Train UK Equity, as a fund that should warrant advisers' attention.

Manager Nick Train's process is different and Mr Lowcock noted it has proved successful across a variety of market conditions.

Mr Train looks for unique and high-quality companies that offer a high and sustainable return on investment, show low capital intensity, and are cash-generative.

The result of this approach is a concentrated portfolio plus turnover is low, reflecting Mr Train's long-term approach and his buy-and-hold style.

Mr Lowcock said: "He sells out only if he no longer considers a company to be of sufficient quality.

"This process has led to strong performance and, given the strategy has clear biases and risks, unusually consistent relative returns over the medium to longer term."

Another fund identified as one that advisers should consider is Man GLG Undervalued Assets.

Willis Owen's Mr Lowcock said Henry Dixon and co-manager Jack Barrett believe they can add value through thorough analysis of company balance sheets to understand a business' true real-world assets and liabilities.

Mr Lowcock said: "They seek to identify two types of stock: those trading below their view of the company’s value and those where the company’s profit stream is being undervalued relative to the cost of capital.

"The portfolio has a value bias, but it does include elements of quality and positive earnings momentum. Dixon has demonstrated his ability to consistently execute the investment process with discipline."

Willis Owen's Mr Lowcock said Merian UK Smaller Companies, is a fund that should be on advisers’ radars as Merian has one of the most highly regarded small and mid-cap teams, headed by Dan Nickols who is the manager of this fund.

To feature in Merian's fund, companies must demonstrate one or more of the following characteristics: the ability to grow earnings faster than the market average for an extended period of time; the scope to generate a positive surprise; or the potential to be re-rated relative to the market.

Mr Lowcock said a pragmatic approach is taken by Merian to valuation, with various ratios and timescales used depending upon the situation.

He said: "This flexible approach allows growth, value, and recovery companies to be held, but the portfolio has tended to show a growth bias."