Janus Henderson launches Absolute Return bond fund

Janus Henderson launches Absolute Return bond fund

Janus Henderson is launching an Absolute Return fixed income fund for the UK market.

The fund will be managed by Nick Maroutsos, co-head of Global Bonds, Dan Siluk, portfolio manager, and Tim Winstone, credit portfolio manager, supported by a team with an average investment experience of 18 years.

The fund will focus on bonds with a credit rating of investment grade, and with a short date until maturity.

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Added to these investments will be a collection of derivatives that will be used to manage downside risks and add extra returns, the firm stated.

The fund will sit in the IA Absolute Return sector.

Janus Henderson already operates an Absolute Return Income Strategy which is similar, but this is based in the US.

Mr Maroutsos said: "Our aim is to provide positive returns but with an emphasis on low volatility and low correlation to other asset classes.

"We start with a clean slate not a benchmark index and look globally for opportunities to generate income and capture relative value.

"The launch of this fund allows us to optimise our core investments to maximise risk-adjusted returns for investors based in the region."

Tom Sparke, investment director at GDIM, a discretionary fund management firm in Cambridge, said: "Janus Henderson has an excellent history in the fixed income space and an enormous capacity of expertise.

"We look forward to seeing how this new product comes together as this could provide a valuable portfolio tool in an environment that could be tough for low risk assets."