Quilter donates to charity after dashboard hiccup

Quilter donates to charity after dashboard hiccup

Quilter has offered a donation to a military charity after a processing error meant the organisation's account could not be accessed by its adviser. 

The charity's adviser, Alastair Rush, principal at Rutland-based Echelon Wealthcare, was unable to access his client's investment account after Old Mutual Wealth, Quilter's UK platform, reviewed the charity's status. 

Mr Rush, who has advised the charity for three years, said he received no communication from Quilter to alert him to the review and in the process was locked out of the account on his dashboard, causing issues in the lead up to a meeting with his client. 

Quilter has now apologised and offered to donate £750 to the military charity. 

Mr Rush said: "It was very frustrating, those clients of ours who are charities are our most needy and we need to have constant access to their account information.

"It was also frustrating dealing with administrators who do not understand how advisers operate, but I am grateful to the adviser-facing staff for acting so promptly and decisively. I am also very grateful for the donation." 

A spokesperson from Old Mutual Wealth said: "Due to an error over the status of the policy it could no longer be accessed on the adviser dashboard.

"This has been resolved and we apologise for any inconvenience this caused Mr Rush and his client. We have offered to make a £750 donation to the charity."

Quilter demerged from parent company Old Mutual and floated on the London Stock Exchange last year, rebranding from Old Mutual Wealth in the process.