InvestmentsJun 26 2019

Quilter Investors launches multi-asset income funds

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Quilter Investors launches multi-asset income funds
ByDavid Thorpe

Quilter Investors has launched a pair of multi-asset income funds, with clients who invest within the first six months receiving a discount on the management fee. 

The Quilter Investors Monthly Income and Monthly Income and Growth funds will carry an annual management charge of 0.6 per cent, and the fee is 0.85 per cent for those who invest after the first six months.

Those who invest within the first six months receive the reduced fee on an ongoing basis, including for regular monthly investments created within the first six months. 

The multi-asset funds invest in other funds, and are managed by Helen Bradshaw, and will include a range of both passive and active funds, and investment trusts.

The two globally diversified portfolios will distribute income payments monthly. A smoothing mechanism will be applied to the income payments to provide clients with increased certainty over the expected level of regular income.

Both portfolios aim to achieve a first quartile yield and will be managed according to a risk targeted approach in bid to provide reassurance over the expected level of volatility clients can anticipate.

Helen Bradshaw said: "Building and designing these portfolios has been a huge privilege and it is really exciting to now be opening them up to investors. I believe that our investment strategy will enable us to deliver first quartile income yields through a diversified strategy, by deploying a broad and varied investment toolkit.

"The search for income continues to be a challenge for investors and while the UK’s domestic index currently offers an attractive dividend yield, it is highly dependent on a relatively narrow range of stocks.

"Elsewhere, many markets are experiencing depressed equity dividends, and fixed income markets no longer deliver the kind of reliable returns they once offered. That makes the search for stable yields an intricate challenge and it is really important to me that we explore a broad investment universe that encompasses a variety of global regions and asset classes."

The funds are available in accumulation and income share classes so those who want compound growth through reinvested income can also invest.