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‘Financial advice is as much about emotion as calculation’

She asks: “How do we solve more and more problems for our financial adviser customers?” 

Bespoke products

She explains that most of Octopus Investments’ business model revolves around creating specific, bespoke products that solve distinct customer needs, with venture capital trusts forming a main part of business. 

The company has built two new products based around technology. One is a peer-to-peer platform called Octopus Choice that allows a customer to invest in a diversified portfolio of property investments; the other, Octopus Cash, allows customers to take a cash deposit and diversify it across retail banks. 

She adds: “For example, if you wanted to invest more than the Financial Services Compensation Scheme limit of £85,000, we will allow you to do that through Octopus Cash.”

Working in financial services has been only a small part of Ms Handcock’s career. 

Before joining Tandem, Ms Handcock was a finance director for Bacardi. 

She took a stint abroad to work for a charity in Sierra Leone to help the government attract foreign investment following years of a civil war. 

She thinks the best way for the financial advice industry to improve would be to leverage intergenerational planning. 

“Most advisers I speak to are not looking at taking huge amounts of new clients. How do they take advantage of intergenerational planning?” 

She adds: “Many advisers do not work with their clients’ beneficiaries.”

 Only 20 per cent of beneficiaries say they would use a financial adviser if they received an inheritance and advisers need to build relationships with their clients’ beneficiaries for this to change, she adds. 

Saloni Sardana is features writer at FTAdviser and Financial Adviser