Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an adviser: Joe Froud

Diary of an adviser: Joe Froud

This adviser stays busy with client meetings and CrossFit sessions


It is a busy start to the week, with two meetings in London.

The first is a meeting with the chief operating officer of a pension investment company. We update his cash flow plan together and discuss various areas of financial planning. For this client, I highlight the importance of ‘paying themselves first’, as he earns very well but seems to be saving/investing very little.

Between meetings I spend a couple of hours working on my laptop and having lunch in a cafe. I am trying not to outstay my welcome by ordering multiple coffees.

The second meeting is in a different part of London, but with the wife of the client I had seen earlier that day.

Due to their busy diaries I usually meet them separately.

The wife is a lawyer. As well as discussing their personal circumstances, she wanted me to review the business protection they have in place and introduce me to one of their colleagues who needs help with retirement planning.

After a long day I head home on the train. I just about make it back in time for the 8pm kick off for my six-a-side football team.

I have retired from 11-a-side after multiple injuries.


The kids wake me up by asking Alexa ridiculous questions. I get the kids ready for the day.

A quick drive to the office, followed by 45 minutes of work. It is amazing how much you can get done in 45 minutes when you put your mind to it.

I have a CrossFit session at my local ‘box’: lots of burpees today, which means I am one of the slowest in the class.

Being 6’2” slows me down for a lot of the CrossFit movements – well that is my excuse anyway.

I prepare for an annual planning meeting the following day. There are a few emails to respond to as well.


Today I have an annual planning meeting with a retired couple who I have worked with for approximately three years. It is a good meeting and they are happy.

I encourage them to send me a picture of a great experience/holiday they have had to add to my client experiences pinboard.

I head into the head office to catch up with my paraplanner Natasha and have our weekly meeting. This is where Natasha provides me with updates on the various cases we are working on.


I head into the office to complete a few admin tasks and reply to my compliance team about a case they are reviewing, then it is off to CrossFit.

After lunch I head back to the office for a few hours. I have a research and a suitability report to write.