Dynamic Planner joins forces with Novia

Dynamic Planner joins forces with Novia

Dynamic Planner has continued its partnership spree by joining forces with the £7.1bn adviser platform Novia.

The risk profiling business, which announced the partnership today (September 30), said the integration will allow advisers to quickly value a client’s holdings, including Isas, GIAs, offshore bonds and Sipps.

It will also reduce the amount of time advisers spend manually entering holdings into the system and will give advisers who use Dynamic Planner integrated access to Novia’s products.

Dynamic Planner is now integrated with 22 platforms and providers, with Novia being the third integration partner to join the list since the start of 2019.

In May, the firm announced it had entered into partnerships with pensions provider Royal London and VitalityInvest through similar integrations.

James Smith, head of adviser services at Dynamic Planner said: “Advisers are facing increasing demands from the regulator which must be followed to the letter, whilst at the same time they need to ensure their business stays efficient to ensure suitability for the future. 

“This latest integration will help support advisers in saving time as well as ensuring all client data is accurate and up to date, and regulations are adhered to.”

Paul Boston, sales director at Novia, said advisers were demanding operational efficiencies from their platforms and back office providers to enhance their client service experience and reduce unnecessary operational expense.

He added: “We are pleased to be partnering with Dynamic Planner to enable this and help drive efficiencies throughout the value chain.”

Director at the Lang Cat, Mike Barrett, thought this was a “great example” of the integrations needed in the industry, adding anything that improved dataflow between planning tools and providers that advisers were using could “only be a positive move”.

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