Investors turn to alternative assets as risks rise


The recent alignment between the performance of equities and government bonds is driving investors to alternative assets, according to the guests on this week’s FTAdviser Podcast. 

Financial adviser Minesh Patel and multi-asset fund manager at Premier, Ian Rees, have both become more interested in alternative investments in a world where bond yields are low and equity valuations look high. 

The guests discussed the different drivers that impact the market in alternative assets, the different ways of accessing those assets, and where the opportunities lie. 

Mr Patel said he prefers to invest via multi-asset funds as this provides his clients with daily liquidity.

Mr Rees, who is a fund of funds manager, said all of his investments were made in that way. He also said absolute return funds were an attractive way to invest in a way that is not correlated with the wider market.

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